Clothed Figure: Post #2

Welcome to the second installment of my clothed figure posts. The Spring semester is almost over, and soon will come the Summer classes, so I thought I'd add some stuff from the last few weeks. I try to get a few drawings in during each class but sometimes it's hard to sneak them in as I'm observing my students. I'm so overwhelmingly impressed with the work that my students are producing, and it's been a real pleasure to watch them grow as I try to impart on them the excitement and knowledge I have about drawing the figure. Hopefully it was as enriching for them as it was for me. Enjoy!

Bradley Hall @AAU

10 min.   

Super-fast demo on how adding lines ages the eye.

10 min.

Partial of a 20 min.

Sometimes I draw my students too!

3 min.

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Rebecca and Lori said...

Aargh! Again; these are amazing! What you can accomplish in 20 minutes...