Sketchbook: Drawing Big Cats!

Last week the Academy of Art Illustration Department hosted a wonderful visit from Safari West and some of their beautiful big cats. It just so happened that the visit coincided with my clothed figure class so my students got to draw the cats for the first couple of hours of class. I'm a huge fan of cats, even more so of large exotic cats, so it was really awesome to be in the same room with, let alone getting to draw, the cats. 

The cats that were brought were a Bobcat, Snow Leopard, Serval, and Cheetah. As a kid I did tons of animal reports of exotic cats for biology classes, and even though I've read a lot about them it's just so cool to see them in action. I've never been a fan of animals in captivity for show, like most zoos, but the work that Safari West is doing to help the big cat population around the world is extremely important. Their work is strictly educational and they would happily go out of business if all the problems in the feline kingdom were to disappear tomorrow. 

Back to the drawings though. Here are some shots of the drawings in my sketchbook as well as some of the cats. Cheers!






Snow Leopard!

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TH3DEN said...

Had to take a quick break to check out all the stuff i missed. Great stuff as always man. :)