Clothed Figure: 2013 Holdovers

With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to go through the archives of the previous year and do some "house cleaning." For one reason or another these are some drawings from my classes and workshops that haven't made it on Banal Obsession. I don't necessarily think these drawings are my best efforts, but on the whole, I think they represent a range of the work I do as an instructor at the Academy of Art University. Explaining different principles of drawing to a vast range of visual learners, sometimes, calls for many hats to be worn, even if those hats aren't your particular brand. I take a lot of pride in my versatility as an illustrator and instructor, and hope I bring life to everything I draw and teach. Often times, I have to show the entire mental process in my drawing to explain things, so there end up being a lot of lines that don't make sense to the viewer but were completely relevant at the moment of instruction. Also, these drawings range anywhere from 1-20 minutes. That being said, always have fun drawing, and it's a privilege and honor to get to do what I do for a living. Cheers!


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