Sketchcrawl 34: SF Ferry Building

SF Ferry Building

Saturday January 21st was the 34th World Wide Sketchcrawl, and after missing the last event it was nice to get back out there and spend the day sketching. I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a few months and the Ferry Building is always wonderful to visit. I pretty much spent the day in front of the Blue Bottle kiosk outside since there's always a line and plenty of people to sketch.

There really was a guy with a wolf mask playing the violin, no joke!

I wanted to focus on people rather than environment and architecture. This is the only full page I finished, though there are a few more sketches that will appear in later posts when the pages are finished. The Farmer's Market that happens on Saturdays at the Ferry Building is always a treat, and never leaves you want of interesting characters to draw, hence the monster violinist on the page. 

Michael and the Blue Bottle Farmer's Market team are the best!

 I'll be adding some new updates with some really fun new work soon so stay tuned! Cheers everyone!

Not sure how my iPhone did this to the picture but I like it.

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Violin Monster said...

Wow! Great sketch, Eli! That was such a fun day for me to perform. I was wondering what all the sketching was about. I'm glad I caught drift of it from twitter. Take care!

~Violin Monster~