There are times when you get a golden idea and just have to put it down on paper to see if it will work out. Often times these initial ideas evolve into something quite different from the original. In the case of this little gem this is exactly what popped into my head when I heard about Google's plans not to censor their search engine in China. I chuckled a bit in my head and got to work on it. I used this idea to work on my digital coloring.

Yes, I know there are certain cardinal rules about using dragons to represent China usually apply, but I couldn't hold back on this one. Dragons are always fun to draw and I don't think the illustration would be as funny without the dragon. It's so absurd that it seems okay to break the rule just this once. The stripes on the socks are the colors Google uses for their logo so that's how I tied that in. I hope you like it, cheers.


JuanCarlos said...

Really great stuff on your blog! keep up the awesome work

Tedd said...

this is funny and well done

Malgorzata Arska said...

so great :)