If you're in the Bay Area be sure to pick up this weeks issue of SF Weekly! I have a spot in the music section. The story behind this stems from the age old question of to go or not to go, to Coachella that is. In the end as it turns out it's better to stick around the City for full sets of some of the headliners at the famed festival when they come into town. This was originally a b&w illo but a last minute change gave the AD, Andrew Nilsen, full color for the music page. Andrew was great to work with and a real advocate for good illustration in a floundering industry.

I added my sketches at the bottom as well as the finished b&w version that won't run. Since the color decision was so last minute we had the idea to simplify and only use one color to make the illo pop out a bit. Being the perfectionist I am I wanted to really give it some substance instead of a splash of color thrown on haphazardly. I'm fairly proficient in digital media and know my own time line for how much I can finish in a tight deadline. This is just a spot too so it gave me a little more room to keep it loose. I like both finished pieces for different reasons and I really enjoyed this subject. Thanks for stopping by.

**edit** the print version is only b&w now but the online version will remain color when it is released.

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Wythe Bowart said...

Congrats! Great spot. Will deff get a look. You rock!