Clothed Figure: First Post

Outside of my illustration work I enjoy the honor of teaching in the illustration department at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. It's really nice to pass along the borrowed knowledge I received as a student to new and passionate artists just finding themselves and honing their craft. I work hard at making students push themselves to create work that they can be proud of and hopefully, beyond the technical focus of the class, show a bit of their opinion and personality in their drawings. 

I don't always get too much time to draw in class since I like to walk around and work with the students one-on-one but, when I do take a couple minutes, it's so hard to tear myself away from the paper. I've always loved clothed figure drawing and I hope I can pass that passion off to my students. As for this semester I have an amazing group that I'm sure will make names for themselves in all their endeavors.

These drawings are anywhere from 2-10 minutes in length and, in most cases, a little unfinished, something I really like about them. They serve different purposes and are always fun to do, even when they're really awful. Cheers all!

Batgirl stopped by one session.

Quick gesture w/stretch and compression.

Super-fast warm-up that with some nice edits I thought.

The tilt of the picture warps this a bit but something about the shapes really stood out to me.

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