Sketchbook: SF-NY, NY-SF

This lady was ready for Vegas, Hotcha!

Welcome to 2012! Before the Holidays my wife and I went to New York for two days and I tried to make the most of the short trip. I tried to set up a few meetings but who knew people would be so busy just before Christmas, and during finals week for those who were teaching. My wife was there for business so that left me with both days completely open. We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel which put us right next to the Arch and NYU. We were lucky enough to be there during a couple of days that weren't too cold yet as well. Though that unseasonal weather worried some of the natives it made us feel right at home.


Christopher St.
Wonderful signage.

New York is a lot like San Francisco in that it's easy to navigate if you're used to urban landscapes. I walked for miles on our first day in the city and took a ton of pictures. I have to say that it's hard to find a good cup of coffee on the island, until Blue Bottle opens at Rock Plaza, but I did manage to find myself at Joe and they really nailed it. I actually went to find the Mud Truck but it wasn't at the corner they said it would be (Also see Stumptown). I plan on going to all these fine establishments next time around when I have more time.

Cobbles on the backside of NYU.

Joe wants you to get your crunk on.


Also, New York loves meat, and it's a very serious matter there. The best burgers I've ever had in my life were both in NY. In my 2008 trip to NY I actually started my love affair with the best burger of my life at The Spotted Pig. I'm not a food blogger so I'll keep this part short but holy hell is that burger good! It comes with a pile of shoestring fries that are complimented with fried garlic and rosemary. Yes, it's still amazing to this day. for the next burger, subsequently our first chronologically of the trip, was at the wonderful Minetta Tavern. We got in late, Tues night/Weds morning and were starving and all wound up from the flight. We hopped on Yelp and there it was, calling us in with their pre-prohibition cocktail menu and their late night supper. The walls of this place have some wonderful caricatures hanging, and it exudes the character of an old city tavern ripe with history. Well, the burger there too is phenomenal! They have a more expensive version with 45 day aged beef but we opted for the purist route. I highly recommend going out of your way for these places.

Yep, there too.

Flatiron, say what!

...and the Met! Stieglitz show and Infinite Jest were amazing!

On a side note, if you're looking for good drink in the old style, try Amor y Amargo. It's owned by the good folks of Death & Co. fame but seems a little more accessible. They make their own vermouth that's on tap and it's worth stopping by just for that. Chris was our Barkeep and she was legit.

Happy 2012 everyone! May the New Year bring you happiness and prosperity. Cheers!

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lindsey said...

Great post. These are some savvy pics. Makes me feel like I am in ny for just a moment. ahhhhh. Email me once you have your paris plans set! It will be great to see you guys.