Just to let everyone know, I'll be having a solo show July 1st at Public Barber Salon in San Francisco. I keep my personal work out of the spotlight a bit, but I think that will have to change soon. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderfully loyal following, around the Bay Area, and beyond, which really makes the effort of having multiple art personalities worth while. I struggle at times with identity as I build my commercial career and gallery career simultaneously, not to mention the robots and sketchbooks I do that got me into Sketchtravel, but it's well worth it. It's a real balancing act but if you make it over the hurdles the payoff is quite spectacular.

I'll begin teaching at the Academy of Art University over the summer and I'm over the top excited about it. I hope to impart some of the knowledge I've retained over the years, that I received as a student, into the new life of artists. I'd like to think of myself more as a search engine of sorts rather just an instructor. I'm excited to learn as much as I am to teach. I digress. If you're around the City fourth of July weekend feel free to stop on by and say hello. You'll have a friend to talk to and some great art to look at. Take care all!

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Jackson Dryden said...

Hey Eli. Pleasure to see to you at sketchcrawl. Let's go painting sometime down the road!