I had to buy a new Moleskine the other day since all my sketchbooks are still hanging at Gallery Six for my solo show. I thought a good way to break it in was to go to Sketch Tuesday's at 111 Minna here in S.F. It's amazing how little people are willing to pay for original artwork. This was my second time going and it's pretty fun from a sketch artists point of view. All sorts of lively characters come to see the work and all I have to do is draw them as they pass. As far as it being anything but a social event it lacks in true talent at times and seems to be nothing but a seen and be seen type of gathering. Nate Van Dyke, Adam Flores, Mike Giant and a few other talented artists come to sell there sketches but even they, at times, fail to impress the clientele. It's strange to be able to sell work for hundreds of dollars in a gallery but fail to sell a sketch of the exact same thing for $15—$20. The market really needs to figure that one out. I'll stick to editorial where at least there's a promise of payment.

On a lighter side, I did get some choice sketching done and present it to you just above. That's Frank Lin second from the bottom, he's an animal and a damn fine illustrator that just put together an amazing anthology of comics and short graphic novels by some of the best young stars in the arts community. Thanks again for stopping by, cheers everyone.

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