Yep!There I go again, sketching at the best coffee producer in the world. It's become a staple of my dietary needs. Blue Bottle is by far the best coffee I have ever had. Subtle notes of "holy crap this is awesome", and hints of "oh dear lord", make this producer tops in my opinion. Stop by and try some next time you're in Hayes Valley or around the Mint Plaza, and also at tons of great Farmers markets around the Bay Area. Cheers all!


Francis Vallejo said...

you got me interested man, ive been a coffee connoisseur lately (not necessarily by choice haha).

Awesome sketch! Just a normal brush pen?


Graham Ross said...

Dude! Gimmie a map!

demhar said...

Eli this looks really cool!
the man on the right with open mouth is just awesome!
I want coffee now >.<