Clothed Figure: What's Next?

As far as semesters in university go, I'd say this was a banner 15 weeks. If only all my semesters were like this when I was a student, learning and experimenting, rather than being the instructor – I'd have felt more in charge of my education and not a ball of stress all the time. As it stands, this was my fourth year and 12th semester teaching and I'm humbled each time I walk into the classroom from the first time I meet the students to the last day, and last lecture, and that final salute as they charge off to continue on their path to the subsequent goal of redefining the visual language of the future. It's a powerful weight to bare, of the many dreams and choices my students entrust to me and I'm constantly searching for the right answers to all the questions hurled at me, and I truly hope I make things a little easier, a little less confusing, and a little more fun for my students.

That being said, here's a small cache of drawings from the semester. Cheers!

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TH3DEN said...

Amazing! You sound like a great instructor Eli, you remind me so much of my life drawing instructor when I was still in animation school. Easily to this day my favourite class/instructor and one that still greatly influences my work. Going by my own experience i'm sure your students will remember you fondly. :)