Clothed Figure: "Armed" and Dangerous

This is a very small selection of the work that I get done in my clothed figure class. I get to play around a little between the lessons and the one on one instruction in the class. The last two images are short demos for arm construction. As much as I enjoy exaggeration of the figure and limbs I have to reel it in a bit to fit the curriculum and to pass along the foundations of drawing the figure. My play time is always in my sketchbooks, something I strongly push on my students. I have a great bunch this semester and see a lot of promise in them. I'll have to keep working hard to stay ahead of them otherwise I'll be out of a job soon! Cheers!

Stretch and compression "stick 'em up"

Well, maybe I still get to exaggerate things sometimes!

I really love this angle of the arm but it usually proves difficult for my students.

Arm studies at five minutes or so.

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