Sketchtravel: My Page!


I've waited long enough to show my page in the Sketchtravel book, and since it's published I think it's time to put it on here for all to see. I had a wonderful time at CTNX and would like to thank Dice and everyone at Stuart Ng for a great signing. I was completely humbled, as I always am in these situations, to be sitting next to some of my heroes signing a book with them. Although things went very smoothly, I was just amazed at the volume of people in line for the signing. It just kept going. A huge thanks to all who sat in the cold just to have us sign your Sketchtravel books, and also to the girl that had us sign her sketchbook. That was legit. I hope to see everyone again soon and be sure to pick up your copy of Sketchravel if you haven't already. Cheers!


lorelay bove said...

Hi Eli,
yeah great to be signing with you at the CTN table! the Sketchbook travel book turned out great!
Awesome stuff you got here!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I dig this. Well done, Eli!