Gallery Openings Recap

Yes, that's right, openings plural. Last weekend there were two openings for group shows that I'm in. Friday night saw the launch of Bush + Leavenworth's Spring line of incredibly stylish fashion hosted by D-StructureSF. This show is a virtual juggernaut of animation industry talent that gives a peek at what goes on creatively after the office hours end. 

The second of the weekend was the brilliantly curated show The Letter Collector at Gallery Hijinks. With over 50 artists covering multiple disciplines of media and genre the alphabet never had a chance. I'm more than honored to share the walls with so many talented voices and to be a part of something so rich with creativity and passion. 

Both shows will go on throughout the month of March so I hope you get a chance to check them out. Here are a few shots to whet your artistic and social appetites. Cheers!

Bush + Leavanworth @ D-Structure

The Letter Collector @ Gallery Hijinks

p.s. The Warholian coverage of The Letter Collector is HERE.

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Laura Braga said...

Great news Eli, congratulations!! your work is an inspiration for me!
My complimenst and good show! ;)