Visual Development Portfolio in Progress

So, I've been telling people that I've been working on a portfolio to send out to studios and I think it was like the boy who cried wolf up until a few weeks ago. I like to keep myself busy to keep growing as an artist and this is one of the ways I've chosen to do so. Though, I have to admit I'm a little bit out of my comfort zone but that's the point, right. I hope this helps out anyone that's looking for what to put in their portfolios. I'll be updating this when I get more feedback from some artists that are better versed in the trade of portfolio building for studios. I tried my best to get an overall feel of what I'm capable of as well as branding my work with a fun logo design. I know this layout is a little unorthodox but I think it has a nice graphic quality to it. I hope you all enjoy it and I'll keep an eye out for any feedback from you. Cheers everyone, and to those of you in the States Happy Thanksgiving!

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