I've been meaning to put this up so here it is. I did this for Beautiful Grim in an effort to help a fellow artist in need and to help support a cause that is very important to me. The sketch will be up for auction soon so you can get your hands on an original robot drawing. I've only let two robot paintings leave my sketchbook pages and one was for the wonderfully talented dynamic duo of Chris Rahn and Rockin' Betty Edwards as a going away gift, and the other was for the Sketchtravel sketchbook. Needless to say, it's a rare thing indeed. I wanted to keep this as a sketch more than anything but I let it wander a bit. It's 8.5x11 in. on bristol, and I used ink, watercolor, and gesso on it. Check it out at the Beautiful Grim site, and when it's up for auction please give generously. You'll feel good about it, and get a sweet original in the process!

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Chris said...

This is fucking rad.