Did this awhile ago. I try to keep these things quick just to have a little face time with the paints. It's rough I know, but a little spontaneous. I'll post something of substance soon, until then, cheers!


Mai Yuan said...

Did you paint this painting on the paper or by the computer?I hope you give me an answer,please^-^

I like your painting.^-^

Unknown said...

Hey Mai, I did this with acrylic. Thanks for stopping by.

Mai Yuan said...

Thanks for your answering^-^You are a BA Painting,aren't you?

Is there anything wrong with my message.Please excuse me.I am not good at English.But I just want to know about more your paintings.^-^
Although there are many words that I did not know in your blog,anyway I like see your works.

Frank said...

there's a real authenticity to this one. great job, shoulda posted it sooner!

francisvallejo said...